Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry ~ Chapter 2

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DD00420_.wmf (312 bytes) Vocabulary:  Give definitions or synonyms.

1.  The ornate furniture ____________________________________________________

2.  A tall chiffonier _______________________________________________________

3.  With spirited gusto ____________________________________________________



1.  Describe six details about Mr. Morrison:

    a)                                                                           b)

    c)                                                                           d)

    e)                                                                           f)

    What was so unusual about this man?

2.  How did Mr. Logan seem to view his family?

    Give details that support this view:





3.  What was Cassie's suggestion of why her father brought Mr. Morrison home?


    What reason did her father give for why he brought Mr. Morrison home?


    What do you think the real reason might be?



  Mississippi Culture:

1.  At the beginning of the chapter, why was Cassie climbing a pole?


2.  What did John Berry die from?


   Explain why the sheriff told Henrietta she was a liar when she reported what happened?


3.  What did John Henry supposedly do to warrant the treatment he received in this chapter?


    Someone said that ever since John Henry came home from the war, "they had it out for
    him."  Give two possible reasons why this might be:




3.  What is your reaction to the way African-Americans have been treated in the story so far?  Give reasons why you feel the way you do.





Inferring:   What was suggested or inferred in each situation?

1.  Describe Cassie actions when she thought she saw father coming down the road:


    What does this infer about her relationship with her father?


2.  What did Mr. Logan infer when he said, "In this family, we don't shop at the Wallace store"?


    What reasons did he give his children for not going?


    The story inferred that the children would mind their father.  Why would they?



DD01445_.wmf (500 bytes) Journal: Write about a time when there was a feeling of fear in just you or your whole family.