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Curriculum Correlation

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B16010.gif (685 bytes)  The Globetrotter curriculum is a four-year walk through history, designed for multi-grades 5-8, which covers the essential learnings of the North American Division curriculum guides in:
Social Studies Bible Art
Spelling Handwriting Language
Reading (Literature Units)

  Computer technology is used to:

  • Connect to pre-linked Websites that aid in research and learning projects. 
  • Publish student work. 
  • Provide occasional answers for students to use in checking their own work--especially in the language arts area. 

B16010.gif (685 bytes)  Format:    Each lesson integrates social studies, language arts, Bible, spelling, handwriting, art and technology into a unique blend that provides the student with authentic learning opportunities.  The lessons are designed to be used daily:

  • Monday through Thursday - Plan for a block of time each of these four days.   Make it large enough to fit the components of the Globetrotter Correlated Curriculum that your classroom is using.
  • Friday - Plan for a minimum of 1 1/2 hour block to be used for projects and reviews.  (Add time for clean-up)
  • The Literature Units fit into the normal reading class time schedule.   
  • Books for outside reading are gathered by the teacher.   These can be books that correlate with the current themes of learning or time period.                              

Goals of the Program

1.  To encourage students:

  • To be critical thinkers, not  mere reflectors.
  • To solve problems through inquiry.
  • To communicate their findings effectively.

2.  To strengthen student's character to godlikeness in everyday dealings with God and mankind.

B16010.gif (685 bytes)  Copyright 1998-2005 Globetrotter Curriculum

Four Year Cycle

Year One
Ancient world history from Creation to the Crusades; Old Testament History; Development of Eastern Religions

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Year Two
World history from the  Crusades to the Present & Religious History during this Period  

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Year Three 
U.S. history to 1872 and the life of Christ

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 Year Four 
U.S. history from 1872 to the present; the life of Paul and modern missions