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Patriotism & Prosperity
               ~Unit 7~

Globetrotter ~ Year 4




World War II Experiences

WWII Vets Tell Their Stories

Memories of War stories

A Prisoner's Story

World War II Pictures

WW2 True Story

Links on a British Website

Local Heroes: An Oral History of WWII

Veterans Oral History Project

Interviews of Veterans

What Did You Do In the War Grandma?

The Story of The Writing 69th

Three old Army heroes pick up on
     war memories

9-11 brings back war memories

War stories

Tuskegee Airmen of WWII

Ernie Pyle

Exploring WW II

Pages of Links:
Europe, Africa and Mediterranean Theater Links

Units, Ships, People, Places, etc.

Pacific Theater Links

Holocaust Links


Scrapbooking Links

Isolationism ~ Trying to Stay Neutral

Japan Shows Their Muscles

Communism and other forms of power and economics

Josef Stalin

Benito Mussolini

Adolf Hitler

Roosevelt Runs for 3rd term


Battle of Britain

Britain at War


Atlantic Charter

Winston Churchill

Pearl Harbor

Planes, bombs, & aircraft carriers

More planes

See the warbirds fighting


Mines & Tanks

Blackouts & air raids

Black Eagles

Rosie the Riveter

See Norman Rockwell's Rosie


  Conscientious Objectors - those who fought without a gun

Desmond Doss--a CO who received the Medal of


Battle of Midway

War bonds

Shortages & rationing

Relocation Camps



Links for Project B

Disney Goes to War
Dr. Seuss's Political Cartoons
See the real Uncle Sam

More scrapbook links:

  FDR Wins a Fourth Term
  V for Victory
  Victory Gardens
  General Eisenhower
  Battle of the Bulge
  V-E Day
  The Holocaust
  General McArthur
  Navajo Code-talkers
  Philippine Islands in the War
  Iwo Jima
The Flag Raisers - Iwo Jima
  Marine Corps Memorial - Iwo Jima
  Bataan Death March
  More on the Death March
  The A-Bomb
  Harry Truman
  Potsdam Declaration
  Hiroshima & Nagasaki
  V-J Day     See the V-J Kiss
World War II
  More World War II


Misc. Links

Diary of Anne Frank  
Women in WW II
  Homefront Pictures
  World War II - The Homefront
  A People at War
  The Stowaway Bride    
  German Prisoners of War in America
  Dunkirk and BBC News-Dunkirk
  WWII: The Homefront
  Homefront Pictures - Library of Congress
  The Women's Army Corps (WACS) 


Women working on a plane in the Army Air Corps