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       The Depression
    ~Unit 6~

~ Year 4 ~




Photos of the Depression

Blamed by many for the Great Depression, President Hoover was widely ridiculed.  An empty pocket turned inside out was called a "Hoover flag."   The decrepit shantytowns springing up around the country were called "Hoovervilles."

  People remember the Great Depression

Teenagers who Rode the Rails

View the Front Page of the Times on Oct. 29, 1929

The American Experience~The Great Depression

America in the 1930's

Prices & Wages Now-Then

The Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl Blues

Farming during the Dust Bowl


Dionne Quintuplets

Advice from the Quintuplets

Herbert Hoover  
            Herbert Hoover passport

Will Rogers & Orson Welles   

Photos of the Depression

Unemployment Rate of U. S.

News Blast From the Past ~ links for New Deal Gazette

New Deal Links

Franklin D. Roosevelt     

FDR Cartoon Archive

Eleanor Roosevelt
1930's Bungalow
Depression Art