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                            Student Weblinks
                Reshaping the Nation
                             ~Unit 3~

Globetrotter ~ Year 4



Transcontinental Railroad-pictures

Follow the Buffalo

Homestead Act



Nat Love

Stagecoach Mary

TX Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers

Helen Hunt Jackson

  Biography of Robert E. Lee
Carpet Baggers
Helping the Freed
Civil War Firsts
Economics of the Confederate States
Blacks in the Wild West
Blacks in American History
Neosho County, KS  Look on these old maps to see where you are homesteading 
     People of Neosho

First Homesteader
Map 1 Paul's Missionary Journeys
Map 2 Paul's Missionary Journey
American Memory Collections
     (Old pictures from settling the prairie)


Today in History
Poems for Unit

Dear Abbie Week A
Dear Abbie Week C



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