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Constructing a Nation ~Unit 8

Globetrotter ~ Year 3

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President Washington appointed Major Lafant, a Frenchman, to draw up plans for the new capitol city in the District of Columbia.  After the city was begun, Major Lafant packed up his maps and plans in a fit of anger and returned home to France.

Benjamin Banneker, a black surveyor Washington hired to help lay out the city, was able to redraw all the maps from memory.   The area--District of Columbia-- was named for Columbus.  The capital city of our nation was named "Washington" for George.

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Daniel Boone
George Washington
The Headaches of Being President

Benjamin Banneker
Money, Money, Money  - The U. S. Economy
Alexander Hamilton
Aaron Burr
Hamilton and Burr's Duel
Whiskey and Other Rebellions
Martha and the First Ladies
The Washington Monument
The Louisiana Purchase      
William Bartram, Naturalist
William Bartram, Quiz
War of 1812

Songs of the 1812 Era
Flag over Fort McHenry
British attack New Orleans.

Map of the U. S.
Another Map of the U.S.

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