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The Uninvited Guests

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 Globetrotter ~Year 3~ Unit 5
B16010.gif (685 bytes)  The English settle in the New World  B16010.gif (685 bytes)    

     B16010.gif (685 bytes) Week A B16010.gif (685 bytes)

The First Roanoke
Virginia Dare & Roanoke

Queen Elizabeth
Henry Hudson
Hudson's Last Letter
View of Jamestown & its people

The Real John Smith
Another view of John Smith
Virtual tour of Plymouth Village
Plymouth Rock
Mayflower II

List of Mayflower Passengers
Voyage of the Mayflower
Winter of 1620-21

The Tale of Priscilla Mullens
The First American Revolution

Play the Jamestown Online Adventure

    B16010.gif (685 bytes) Investigations in Art B16010.gif (685 bytes)



  B16010.gif (685 bytes) Week B and onward B16010.gif (685 bytes)



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