A.D. 1-250 A.D. 250-500 A.D. 500-750 A.D. 750-1000
A.D. 29        Jesus' religious teaching became the foundation of Christianity

A.D. 80        Roman Colosseum is completed

A.D. 100      Network of roads increase trade and travel in empire

A.D. 306        Constantine rules Roman empire

A.D. 312        Christianity tolerated in Roman empire

A.D. 445        Attila the Hun attacks western Europe

A.D. 476        Rome falls to Germanic invaders

A.D. 500          Middle Ages usually said to begin around this time

A.D. 529-534   Byzantine Emperor Justinian issues Codes of Law

A.D. 670           Bulgars from Russia settle near Danube River

A.D. 715           Muslims conquer most of Spain

A.D. 732           Charles Martel, king of Franks, stops Muslim advance into France

A.D. 800          Charlemagne becomes emperor

A.D. 800          First Castles built in western Europe

A.D. 843          Charlemagne's Frankish empire breaks up

A.D. 885-886   Vikings raid Paris, France

A.D. 900          Feudalism is widespread social and economic system

A.D. 986          Vikings explorer Eric the Red founds colony in Greenland

A.D. 50        St. Paul spreads Christianity

A.D. 70        Romans destroy Jerusalem starting Jewish Diaspora

A.D. 101      Chinese invent paper

A.D. 120      Chinese invent seismograph

A.D. 320        Gupta empire emerges in Ganges Valley, India

A.D. 330        Constantinople becomes new capital of Roman empire

A.D. 400        Chinese manufacture steel

A.D. 552           Buddhism spreads to Japan from China and Korea

A.D. 595           Indian mathematicians use decimal system

A.D. 605-610    Sui emperors build Grand Canal in China

A.D. 610            According to Muslim sources, the date that Muhammad founds Islam in Arabia

A.D. 700-1100 Baghdad is capital of Arab empire  

A.D. 794-1184 Heian period in Japan

A.D. 802          Jayavarman II rules the Khmer throne

A.D. 868          Chinese use wood blocks to print books

A.D. 889          Khmers build capital at Angkor, in what is today Cambodia

A.D.907-26      Mongols conquer inner Mongolia and northern China

A.D. 970           Chinese introduce paper money


A.D. 238      North Africans revolt against Roman Empire A.D. 300        Ptolemy describes Earth-centered universe

A.D. 300        Gold-salt trade develops in Ghana

A.D. 324        King Ezana of Ethiopia becomes a Christian

A.D. 350        Defeated by Aksum, Kushite civilization at Meroe ends

A.D. 400        St. Augustine spreads Christianity in North Africa

A.D. 500            Kingdom of Ghana rises to power in West Africa

A.D. 640-641     Islamic leader Caliph Omar conquers Egypt

A.D. 642            Arabs build first mosque in al-Fustat, new capital of Muslim Egypt

A.D. 711            Arab empire conquers North Africa

A.D. 800           Arabs and Persians explore East African coast and set up trading stations

A.D. 800-950    Christianity continues in Ethiopia after decline of Aksum

A.D.950-1050   Igbo-Ukwu culture thrives in eastern Nigeria

A.D. 969            Fatimid dynasty conquers Egypt and builds Cairo

A.D. 970            Fatimids build one of the world's first universities in Cairo

A.D. 970            Ghana empire flourishes in West Africa


A.D. 100      Hopewell culture flourishes on upper Mississippi

A.D. 100-200  Oaxaca culture reaches height

A.D. 250        Classic period of Maya civilization in Guatemala, Honduras, and eastern Mexico

A.D. 500        Hopewell culture builds burial mounds and makes pottery and iron weapons

A.D. 500            Polynesians from Southeast Asia settle in Hawaiian Islands

A.D. 600            Height of Maya civilization

A.D. 650            Teotihuacán thrives as trade center in Mexico

A.D. 900            Maya civilization in southern Mexico mysteriously collapses

A.D. 900-1000   Pueblo settlements thrive in North America

A.D. 990             Toltec people take over Maya city of Chichen Itza Mexico

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