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Flag of Japan

Japan & Russia

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Unit 7

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Flag of Russia


Learn Japanese

Japanese Proverbs

Examples of a 64 word story:

     Smoking Kills
     How's Your Son

The Locked Door of Japan
Opening the Door to Japan

      Passport to Japonisme
     The posters of Toulouse-Lautrec

Japanese Painting:

  Pine Trees
  The Great Wave at Kanagawa
  The Bridge


Timeline of Japan

Japanese Culture



Two lands--
So close and yet
so distant in
culture and


Asia map game

Geography map game

GeoSpy Map Game


Map of Asia

Russian Revolution Part I

Key to Russian Words

Russian Fables

What is a Lubok?

Learn Russian names of colors 
Take a color quiz

Learn Russian words
Learn other Russian words

Read about the Russian Circus

Clowns to draw

Russian Clowns:

Learn about Miming:

Arctic Wildlife
Frozen Baby Mammoth Discovered

Is it possible to build a tunnel between Siberia and Alaska?

People of the North


Read the story of Fabrege Eggs

Patterns for Fabrege Eggs

A more modern Russian Egg Art

Making egg holders