Vasco Nunez de Balboa

My Conquest for Riches

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  In 1475 I was born to a poor Spanish family in Jerez de los Caalleros.  While I was growing up I was always thinking of a way to be rich so I wouldn't die poor like my parents.  So at the age of 25 I left Spain and went pearl hunting along the northern coast of Venezuela with my friend Rodrigo de Bastidas.  However our boat obtained a leak and we were able to make it to the shores of Hispaniola.  There the islands' thieving governor took all of our goods and left us penniless.  

  Mad but not willing to give up on my dream for riches I took up farming to help me get back on my feet.  Ten years later in 1510 I was still doing the same thing.  But by this time numerous debts had stacked up that I couldn't even begin to pay them off.  So one night I took my dog Leoncico and stowed away on a ship headed from Santo doming to San Sebastain.

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