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       Globetrotter Year Two 
        World History from the Crusades to the Present






BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) Medieval Times
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) Renaissance & Reformation
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) Race for Riches
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) Divine Right of Kings
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) Human Rights & Revolutions
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) Industrial Revolution
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) Japan and Russia
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) The World in Conflict
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) A Changing World
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) My Country (creative unit)

BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) World Timeline
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) World history by continent
BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) Another World Timeline

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Interactive Map of Europe
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Geo Spy

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    The power exercised by
every ruler on earth
is Heaven-imparted;
    and upon his use
of the power thus
bestowed, his success

Education p. 174
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I am the Lord, and there is no other;  There is no God besides Me.  I will gird you, though you have not known Me.  Isaiah 45:5


BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) INFO LINKS
Art Standards
Publishing Standards
100 Ways to Say Said

Handwriting Assessment

Help for Diagramming Sentences

Punctuation Guide

Parts of Speech



BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) Glossary for Door in the Wall

BD21294_.gif (898 bytes) Research for Number the Stars


Sword of Denis Anwyk

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