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Student Weblinks

Medieval Times

Day A1 - Examples of Letters for illumination

Ancient Handwritten Pages

Day B1 - Charlemagne

Day C2 - Knight's Code of Honor

Day D2 - 1st Crusade World Timeline

For Family Portfolio Research:

Middle Ages   
Coat of Arms Info
Examples of Family Crests
     & Coat of Arms
Heraldic Symbolism      More
Make your own Coat of Arms
Tapestry Timeline and Ideas

Surnames from around the world
English Surnames

The Development of the English Castle

Castles of Britain

Knighthood Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library

Knighthood and Orders of Chivalry

Castle on the Web Glossary

The Black Plague

Glossary of Castle terms - quick and easy!

Timeline Info- Europe and Asia
Britannia Online: History  
timelines, history, castles, religion, etc.

Regia Anglorum's - Take a virtual tour of the fictional medieval estate of Wichamstow

Clisto's Battle Statistics & Background includes an autobiography of the imaginary character, Sir Clisto Seversword

Peace of God - Synod of Charroux laws decreed by the archbishop.

Science & Technology 


Medieval Art

Murals and Frescos
Metropolitan Museum of Art  (In the search window type in Medieval Art and look at their collection)

Make a castle pop-up card

Medieval Culture


What was life like?

Clothing      More Clothing

Food and Drink



Trades & Occupations

Medieval Religion

St. Francis of Assisi

Saints and Martyrs

Bible Research

Medieval Drama


Medieval History

Legal Documents

Medieval Philosophy

St Thomas Aquinas

Medieval Archaeology


Medieval People:

Robin Hood



Religious Figures

Royalty and Nobility

Roger Bacon  abbey

Medieval Buildings:

Castles of Wales
Berkeley Castle
Cathedrals & Churches
Abbeys and Monasteries
Cities and Towns

English Country Houses:

Medieval Manor Houses
Wingfield Manor (Derbyshire)
    Assume the role of a serf

Medieval/Renaissance Food provides links to recipes and information about medieval feasts.

Medieval Recipes is another great site for actual recipes for medieval food.

Clothing of Anglo-Saxons has great descriptions of various clothing (400-700A.D.).

Footwear of the Middle Ages offers complete details about shoes and how they were made.

Medieval Card and Board Games describes rules and directions of games people played in the medieval age.

Bayeux Tapestry is a famous tapestry depicting events prior to the Battle of Hastings on October 14, 1066.