Globetrotter Year One

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BD14866_.GIF (501 bytes) The Lion's Den Rap (chanted in rap style)

BD14866_.GIF (501 bytes)  Adjectives

BD14866_.GIF (501 bytes) What do you think of the shirt?

BD14866_.GIF (501 bytes) Possible graphics for your newspaper masthead

BD14866_.GIF (501 bytes) Costumes & Clothing - The Ancient World

BD14866_.GIF (501 bytes) Persian History - Cyrus The Great

  • Site #2  Someone is proud of Cyrus!
  • Site #3   Print this one off and read about his birth/childhood as well as his accomplishments
  • Site #4   Postal service in Medo-Persia (see commentary on Zachariah 1:8-10)
  • Site #5
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Daniel and Queen Esther both stood tall for their God. 

Jesus wants you to stand tall for Him, too.  The rewards of standing tall will be beyond belief...

The word GOD is not found is the book of Esther     The longest verse in the Bible is found in Esther
The four practices of Purim are:

BD14866_.GIF (501 bytes) Purim slide show (Jewish site)

BD14866_.GIF (501 bytes) Take a Purim Quiz

BD14866_.GIF (501 bytes) Check out the "Haman's Pockets" which are cookies filled with fruit filling that are popular Purim snacks.



Darius the Great