Mystery History


Looking into the past brings up questions that cannot always be answered...

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Catal Huyuk (Chat-al Hoo-yook)

Ancient cities hold many secrets, but they are not impressive to see. All that remains of Catal Huyuk (Chat-al Hoo-yook) is a gullied, pitted mound in a rolling plain of wheat fields.  Little is left to show that this town was a thriving center of trade and ideas.  Who knows what influence this ancient community had on the world at that time?

Only one acre of the thirty-two acre mound has been systematically excavated, recorded, and reported.  The twelve layers of buildings reveal an almost fairy-tale city of shrines and temples, luxury, and wealth.

The top layers of the mound, containing the most recent buildings, show that the city was mysteriously abandoned and a new city, labeled Catal Huyuk West, was founded several miles away across the Carsamba Cay river.  The new city has barely been investigated, but it appears to have been occupied for several hundred years until it, too, was abandoned. Then the entire area was forsaken, for there are no traces of any later buildings.


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