Globetrotter Year One

                      ~ Student Weblinks Unit 13 ~

The English words gumbo, goober, banana, yam, zombie, gorilla, canary, oasis and bark were borrowed from various African languages.


Africa is the second largest continent after Asia.  It covers almost 12 million square miles.  The majority of people live in rural areas, much as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago.   They have learned to live on the land and use its resources in many ways.NA03130B.jpg (9721 bytes)

The continent of Africa is TNT00089.jpg (26570 bytes)an immense plateau broken by narrow mountain ranges and coastal plains.  Much of the continent is grass land inhabited by a diverse animal population.

The Masai people of the savanna are cattle herders.  The Tuang tribes of the Sahara are nomads, still following caravans across the desert.  Pygmies of the rain forests live by hunting and by gathering forest plants and fruit.