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The Three Perfections

Paper cutouts

Chinese Tea

What's the big deal about tea?

China the Beautiful

A closer look at the Emperor's clay soldiers


Flower Ideas for Scroll Painting

Ancestor Worship

Biography of Confucius


Maps of China

Pacific Asia Museum

Splendor of Chinese Art

Cultural Heritage

Paper making

Daily Life in Ancient China

Chinese Fables A Chinese Cinderella and Red Riding Hood

Examples of Chinese artifacts:  chop sticks, Chinese ceramics or vases, calligraphy, stuffed panda, dragon, silk, the Great Wall, an emperor in ceremonial dress, etc.

Chinese writing



















Mandalas - painting with sand

Mandala information by Jytte Hansen
Building a Sand Mandala
The Rossi Collection of early Tibetan mandalas
Mandala: Buddhist Tantric Diagrams
StarWheels (futuristic mandala paintings)
Mandala Art
The Mandala Project
The World Mandala Project
The MandalaZone