Handwriting for Grades 5 - 8



By 5th grade, most students know how to write in cursive.  During grades 5 - 8, students develop their own handwriting style.  Therefore, it is good to set a standard for students to use:

You may use these weekly memory verses as a basis for practicing writing.  They are written in a font that barely slants to the right--which is the style many students develop.  The back side of the page is in solid-line font, and the front is in a broken-line font.  Use the style of your choice.

The Handwriting Assessment Guide is used for evaluation and grading of student handwriting.  When you let students make an assessment of his or her writing with you, one on one, their eyes will soon see where improvements need to be made.

To check for consistent slant, follow the slant of tall letters and long letters with a colored pen or marker.  For instance, mark the slant of these letters in the writing:  f, l, t, b, d, k, h, g, y, p.  Students can then see if the slant of the letters is consistent and where changes in their writing style need to be made.  This only needs to be done at the beginning of the year and occasionally throughout the year, as needed.