Handwriting Assessment Sheet












By grade five, students are usually able to write well in cursive.   To meet the essential learning of "legibility" for handwriting in the Language Arts Curriculum Guide, the Globetrotter curriculum suggests that one or two short weekly assignments be used for assessment using the following criteria.   The students may or may not be notified of which assignments will be assessed.  

It is a great motivator to have each student help the teacher in the assessment process.  The student will become more aware of handwriting inconsistencies and be motivated toward improvement--which is the goal and purpose of this method.

The simple assessment guide is given below:

____ (3) Slant of letters is consistent

____ (3) Size of letters is consistent

____ (4) Has an appearance of neatness

This guide is to help students become more aware of the areas of improvement needed in their handwriting.

  Whether you, as the teacher, give letter grades or "Satisfactory"/"Unsatisfactory" on student report cards is up to you.