The Door in the Wall

written and illustrated by
Marguerite de Angeli (1889-1987)

Chapter 1 p. 7-17  KEY
Chapter 2 p. 18-25 KEY
Chapter 3 p. 26-31 KEY
Chapter 4 p. 32-41 KEY
Chapter 5 p. 42-52 KEY
Chapter 6 p. 53-61 KEY
Chapter 7 p. 62-75 KEY
Chapter 8 p. 76-85 KEY
Chapter 9 p. 86-103 KEY
Chapter 10 p. 104-121 KEY
End of the Book KEY

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  Marguerite deAngeli was one of the most popular, well-loved authors for young people ever.  Born in 1889, she wrote more than 25 highly acclaimed children's books.  The Door in the Wall has been in continuous print since it was written in 1949.  It won the 1950 Newbery Medal given to distinguished books in American literature.

Marguerite was also the illustrator for this book which tells the story of a crippled boy in the Middle Ages.  She once remarked that she sought to show young people in this story that, "It's not who you are that counts, it's what you do with what you have that matters."

Other information about her life and books can be obtained by visiting the Marguerite de Angeli website.



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