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   Race for Riches
    Teacher Guide ~ Unit 3              


Overview A
Day A1        Day A2

Day A3        Day A4
Project A ~ Game A      

Overview B
Day B1        Day B2

Day B3        Day B4
Project B

Unit Review   KEY
Validation of Learning

World Map
Columbus Word Search

Time:  2 weeks         Theme:  Tolerance


  • European explorers and sponsors.
  • Freedom of religion and tolerance
  • Talents
  • Verbs
  • Explorer Scrapbook pages are created almost daily. 
  • Project A: Review explorers studied.  Serve popcorn. It is amazing how this little extra makes learning more memorable!
  • Project B:  Reporting on explorers to guests or another class.  Serve chips & dip.
Bulletin Board Ideas:
  • All ashore!  Let's explore!
  • Raise the mast!  We're off at last!
  • Great riches come from heaven; small riches come from diligence.
WB01512_.gif (115 bytes) Supplies Needed:
  • A three-ring notebook for each student and page-protector sleeves for the scrapbook they will begin making in this unit.Get 3-ring notebooks with the clear sleeve on the front cover so you can make a decorative page for each student--or they can make their own.  A good title is "World Explorations".   (Use these "scrapbooks" during the rest of the year.  Add important people and events.)
  • Project A - popcorn, napkins
  • Day B3 - Need large bag of M & M's
  • Project B - Chips and dip for Explorer Day; plates, napkins, etc.