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Letter to Parents

This school year our upper grade social studies program will focus on the time period in world history that begins at the Crusades and ends with the present time.  Much has happened during this 1500 year span of history.  We will studying about world events, famous people, and God's providence.  Included in our study will be ways that God has led in both religious and secular affairs and how Bible prophecy has been fulfilled.

Besides using our regular text books, we will use library books, the Bible, and many reference materials.   Internet weblinks that offer suitable examples of architecture, artifacts, and other learning materials have been prelinked for student use. 

Many of our creative and research projects this year will center around the social studies program.  Some of these projects will become homework assignments.  Most of the projects will be the hands-on type that allow for individual creativity.  Thank you for giving your student encouragement in doing the work to the best of his or her ability.

To launch our study, we will begin with the Dark Ages and medieval times.   Some of the activities include observing a monastery, experiencing serfdom, and building a castle.  Active involvement with hands-on activities and simulations aid in helping the students understand the hows and whys of history.

The underlying goal of our study this year is to help students understand that "We have nothing to fear for the future expect as we forget how God has led us in the past."