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Curriculum Correlation for Grades 5-8
Linking the Past
    with the Present
        and the Future  

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The Globetrotter curriculum is a four-year walk through history and the Bible, designed for multi-grades 5-8, which covers the major essential learnings of the North American Division curriculum guides in:

  • Social Studies
  • Bible
  • Language Arts
  • Spelling
  • Art

Computer technology is used in direct Internet links for students to use in research and learning projects and publishing student work.

Literature Units are offered that correlate with the time period being studied or country of the world.

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1.  To encourage students to be critical thinkers, not mere reflectors, and enable them to solve problems through inquiry, then communicate their findings effectively.

2. To strengthen student's character to godlikeness in everyday dealings with God and mankind.

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Each lesson integrates social studies, language arts, Bible, spelling, art and technology into a unique blend that provides the student with authentic learning opportunities.  The lessons are designed to be used:

  • Monday through Thursday, in 2 3/4 hour blocks of time.  (This does not include reading class.  Use the literature units during your normal reading class time.)
  • On Friday in a 2 hour block for designated projects, spelling tests, weekly reviews, and celebrations.


Year One ~ Ancient world history from creation to the Crusades

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Year Two ~ World history from the Crusades to the Present    

    Year 2 Outline   
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Year Three ~ U.S. history to the Civil War

   Year 3 Outline  
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Year Four  ~ U.S. history from the Civil War to the Present

    Year 4 Outline  
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