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Tolerance Survey

KEY with possible answers or ideas

The Past

1. What do you think?  Can an explorer conquer the new land he finds and still be tolerant of all the people he finds there? 

    _______ Yes.  Roger Williams started the colony of Rhode Island with tolerance
    of religions and the Native Americans.___________________________________

    Can he conquer without killing anyone? ______ Possible, but not probable ______

2. Research how these explorers treated the new people they discovered:

Explorer   Treatment of people in the land he found and claimed:


Searched for gold and killed thousands of Inca Indians.  He promised to spare a chief's life in return for vast riches.  After receiving the riches, Pizarro had the chief killed.


Some accounts say that he was brutal to the Indians.  The encyclopedias don't mention this action.  They do say that he let the Spanish settlers enslave the Indians.


Cortes was considered as a god by the Aztecs at first.  He captured the chief and ruled through him.  Later there were two major battles between the Aztecs and Cortes' forces.  Cortes won and many of the Aztecs were killed.


3.  Write something you have learned about religious tolerance or intolerance from history:

    _____ Ideas:  Power and control make some people tyrants.  The Puritans in  _____

    ____ early American history, communism, Muslim wars, etc. __________________





Page 2                                                             The Present

1.  Give an example of intolerance from world events during the past five years.

    ____ Has one culture wiped out another?  There have been civil wars and mass
              killing in Africa.  Was the U.S. war against Iraq an intolerance of terrorism?


2.  Give an example of tolerance in the world's happenings during the past five years.

    ______ The majority of the people in the U. S. have been tolerant of the Muslim ____

    ______ people--in spite of the terrorist threats, etc.____________________________

3.  The people in my town seem to be:   (check one)

Very tolerant of religions other than their own.  People seem to be very warm and accepting of others.  (Churches get together for World Day of Prayer and other religious events, etc.)
Have low tolerance for people of other religions.  Acts of unfriendliness are seen.

The Future

1.  God hates sin and loves the sinner.   About how long has He been tolerant of sin?

        _______ About 6,000 years (4,000 before the birth of Christ and 2,000 after it) ___

2.  The famous verse, John 3:16, suggests that God will not be tolerant forever.  He wants

    us to ___ believe in Him __________ and then we can live forever with Him.