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Reviewing Nouns and Pronouns


(The Pronoun Glossary can be found in the Student Weblinks.)

Definition of a pronoun: __a word that takes the place of a noun_______________


Circle the three pronouns in the paragraph below.  Draw an arrow from each pronoun to the noun it represents.

DD01434_.wmf (900 bytes)On a clear night, a navigator north of the equator could

always find north.  He had only to look at the Pole Star, or

            North Star.  It always held its position in the northern sky. 


Find two abstract nouns in this paragraph: _____equator_____     _____north_____

Find two concrete nouns: ______star_______     ________sky_______


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Use the information in these two paragraphs for the questions on the next page:

When Albercht Durer came upon the whale, the creature was nearly dead.  For four days it had been trapped in the saltwater marshes, and people had rushed to see it.  The whale's splashing terrified the people.  Their screams of panic make Durer chuckle. 

Durer took his pad and water colors from the saddlebag and began to study the whale.  His eyes took in every detail--the skin's color and texture, the tail's shape, and the eyes' look of despair.  Exhausted from its struggle and starving, the whale waited quietly for the end to come.  Who was strong enough to save it?


1.  From the paragraphs about the whale, find an example of each and write it in the box:

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Singular Noun

whale, creative, Durer, pad, detail

Singular Pronoun

it, his, its

Plural Noun

days, marshes, screams, water colors

Plural Pronoun


2.  There was one interrogative pronoun used in the paragraphs about the whale.

     What was it?   _________who_________

3.  Using the information in the paragraphs about the whale, write sentences that would
     be examples of:

    a)  Reflexive Pronoun - _______pronoun ending in "self" or "selves"____________


    b) Demonstrative Pronoun - ____________this, that, these, those_____________


    c) Intensive Pronoun - __ends in "self" or "selves" and used with a noun__________

        or other pronouns_________________________________________________

    d)  Indefinite Pronoun - __________vague or unknown -- anybody, etc.__________