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Race for Riches ~ Unit Review


Why are these people remembered?  What country did they work for?

   Country: Italy

   Remembered for:  Thermometer, telescope, sun-centered view


   Country: Poland

   Remembered for: Studying astronomy and developing the idea that the sun--not the earth--was the center of our section of the universe

Isaac Newton
   Country:  England

   Remembered for:  Making the principle of gravity a scientific statement

Henry VIII
   Country:  England

   Remembered for:  Separating from the Roman Church and starting his own church in England

Bloody Mary
   Country:  England

   Remembered for:  Being the daughter of Henry VIII and trying to bring Catholicism back to England

Elizabeth I
   Country:  England

   Remembered for:  Her rule of England and advancing the English navy

Edward IV
   Country:  England

   Remembered for:  Being the only son of Henry VIII

Phillip II
   Country:  Spain

   Remembered for:  Launching the Spanish Armada


Sir Francis Drake
   Country:  England

   Remembered for:  Leading the English ships in fighting the Spanish in the Spanish Armada

William Shakespeare
   Country:  England

   Remembered for:  His plays and writing

Prince Henry the Navigator

   Remembered for:  His school of navigation and encouraging exploration

Ferdinand & Isabella
   Country:  Spain

   Remembered for:  The Inquisition; sponsoring explorers like Columbus




Race for Riches ~ Unit Review, page 2

Vasco da Gama

   Remembered for:  First European to reach India from Spain, traveling by sea

Christopher Columbus
   Country: Spain (Portugal)

   Remembered for:  Sailing west to India and finding America

   Country:  Spain

   Remembered for:  First European explorer to sail around the world


   Country:  Spain

   Remembered for:  Conquering the Aztec Indians in Mexico


   Country:  Spain

   Remembered for:  Conquering the Inca Indians in South America



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WB01512_.gif (115 bytes)  Ideas and happenings to know and understand:

Spanish Armada   A fleet of 130 Spanish warships that went to war against England, hoping to gain control of Atlantic trade routes and returning England to the Catholic faith

tolerance  The endurance or acceptance of something that others have prohibited or hate. 

polygamy  When a person is married to more than spouse at a time.

line of demarcation  The imaginary line across the South America that separated the land the Spanish and Portuguese could claim.

gravity The downward pull of objects that God set in motion when He created them

geocentric  Centered around the earth

heliocentric  Centered around the sun

talents  Gifts and abilities given by God

other words for "said"  Examples:   shouted, whispered, thought, grumbled, etc.