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Race for Riches ~ Unit Assessment


Matching:  Every person should be matched with one of these categories.


__ c, g, i __________ Scientist


__ l ______________  Writer


__ b, d, j, m _______  Explorer


__ a, e, f, h, k,______  Head of a country






a.  Bloody Mary

b.  Christopher Columbus

c.  Copernicus

d.  Cortes

e.  Elizabeth

f.   Ferdinand & Isabella

g.  Galileo

h.  Henry VIII

i.   Isaac Newton

j.  Magellan

k. Phillip II of Spain

l.  Shakespeare

m.  Vasco da Gama

Pick any three people listed in the matching section above and write two facts about them:

Person #1: _____________________________

    a) ______________________________________________________________

    b) ______________________________________________________________

Person #2: _____________________________

    a) ______________________________________________________________

    b) ______________________________________________________________


Person #3: _____________________________

    a) ______________________________________________________________

    b) ______________________________________________________________

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Match each person with the country they worked for or worked in:

     _ c ___  Sir Francis Drake

     _ a ___  Henry the Navigator

     _ b ___  Phillip II

     _ c ___  Elizabeth I

     _ a ___  Vasco da Gama

     _ b ___  Columbus

     _ b ___  Ferdinand & Isabella

     _ c ___  Shakespeare

     _ b ___  Magellan




  a.  Portugal

  b.  Spain

  c.  England








Short Answer: 

1.  What two countries needed a line of demarcation to separate the land they

    claimed in the New World?________ Portugal and Spain _______________

2.  Name a Bible man who practiced polygamy: __ David, Solomon, etc.______

3.  What year was the Spanish Armada fought? _______ 1588 _____________

    What main two countries was it between? _______Spain and England ______

    Who won? ____ England _________________________________________

    Why? ____ English ships were faster and had better guns ________________


4.  Name one reason the Spanish Armada  was even launched.

    _______ Spain wanted to control the Atlantic trade routes and ______________

    _______ Philip II wanted to return England to the Catholic faith _____________

5.  What scientific "law" did a falling apple help Isaac Newton name and define?

    _______ gravity ___________________________________________________

6.  Is our universe geocentric or heliocentric? ______ heliocentric _____________

    Explain what this means: _______ Solar systems revolve around suns ________



Other Words for "Said:"   

List five words that could be used instead of said when writing conversation:

    _____ Over 100 possibilities! _________________________________________

Use one of these words in a conversation sentence, using the correct punctuation.




Essay Questions:  Write your answers on other paper and attach it to this sheet.

Grades 5-6:  Answer the first two questions.
Grades 7-8:  Answer all three questions.

1.  The name of this unit has been "Race for Riches."  Write to explain who was racing, where they were racing to, and a summary of the results. European countries were racing to find a water route to India and the Far East to control the trade with that region of the world.

2.  Write about talents and how to use them.  Talents are gifts and abilities given by God.  Everyone has the talents of influence, time, speech, money, memory, and knowledge.  These and specific personal talents are given for us to use for the benefit of others and the glory of God.

3.  Explain what religious tolerance is and why it is needed on our planet.  Our personal choice of religion should not be dictated by any government or society.  Because there are so many religions and beliefs, people should tolerate or be open-minded and accepting of all people, etc.