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Race for Riches
Teacher Guide ~ Day B2
USE things and LOVE people -- not use people and love things.

Spiritual Focus & Other Objectives:
God is talented!  Since we are made in His image, we should humbly acknowledge ways in which we are talented.

Galileo and Isaac Watts helped to develop the beginning of modern science.

Memory Verse: 
Deuteronomy 28:12

Hymns: #15 My Maker and My King and #21 Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise



Class Explorations and Discussions:  Talent Search

NEEDED:  A transparency or large piece of paper for I'll Believe It When I See It  (to be used at the end of Bible class as an introduction to Galileo and Copernicus)

Read Psalms 93 as a voice choir, dividing up the parts between groups or girls and boys, etc.

  • Question:  Is God talented?  Does He have natural skills and talents?

Groups:  (2-3 minutes)  Try to list as many of God's talents as you can think of.

  • SHARE and discuss.
  • Have someone from each group write their talent list on the board--adding only the talents that haven't been written there already.  (This will be an idea bank for students to help decide what talents they have.  More can be added during discussion:  Smart in all subjects, creative, leadership abilities, designs well, tolerant, gracious, organized, physical vigor, loving, patient, reliable, thinks ahead, enjoys people, etc.)

As humans, we also have talents and abilities.

  • Have students list all of the talents written on the board on a piece of paper.  Behind each one, they are to list to what degree they feel they have each of the talents:   1 = small amount,  2 = medium,  3 = large amount.  (Zero is not permissible)

Summarize:  (Encourage students to remember that they are made in God's image.  It is a "put down" to God when we downgrade ourselves.)

        (Do the I'll Believe It When I See It activity)