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Race for Riches
Teacher Guide ~ Day A4
Tolerance is a stepping stone to respect and acceptance

Spiritual Focus:

God is tolerant, but His feelings run deep.

Memory Verse: 
Revelation 3:20

Hymns:  #306 Draw Me Nearer and #500 Take Time to Be Holy



Class Explorations:  Tolerance #2

Introduction:   One dictionary definition of "tolerate" is:  to recognize and accept other's beliefs and practices without necessarily agreeing.

Groups:  Try to list FIVE beliefs or practices of others here in America that you see/hear about and do not agree with--but you tolerate them.   (Examples include abortions, gay rights, churches that are not Christian--Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, alcohol sold in grocery stores and restaurants, stores that are open on Saturday and not on Sunday, etc.)

  • A great example of the tolerance of Jesus is found in Matthew 9:9-12.

Discussion:  Jesus quoted from Hosea 6:6.  Read this verse and see what it is that God REALLY wants. 

  • Read Hosea 11:1-11   (These verses try to describe God's feelings and show things from His point of view.)
  • What moves God to be tolerant?   (love)
  • These verses show that even though God is tolerating sinfulness, He does so with a painful heart. 

Summary:  As we see things in our own country that are acceptable by law, we must tolerate them.  But we can still be pained by them because we know that they won't bring the happiness that people are seeking.