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Race for Riches
Teacher Guide ~ Day A3
Tolerance is a stepping stone to respect and acceptance

Spiritual Focus:

God does not condemn us--our own choices and actions do that.   God is tolerant and keeps striving with us.

Memory Verse: 
Revelation 3:20

Hymns:  #306 Draw Me Nearer and #500 Take Time to Be Holy


Class Explorations:  Tolerance #1

#1 ~ GroupsRead Revelation 3:20 and name two ways this verse shows God's tolerance.  (2 minutes)

(Possibilities:  God is a gentleman and knocks.  He doesn't force Himself on us. He patiently keeps knocking even though we might be ignoring Him, etc.)

#2 ~ Groups:  How does John 3:16 show God's tolerance?   Name two ways.  (2 minutes)

(Possibilities:  God gave even though people did not believe.  He loves even though people do not believe, etc.)

  • Read:  John 3:17-18.  From these verses decide:
    • a)  What is the opposite of tolerance?   (condemnation)
    • b)  Who or what condemns us?  (Our unbelief condemns us--we would not accept the truth)
    • c)  When God does not force Himself or His Son on us but lets us choose, what does this tell you about God?   (Possibilities:  He is a Gentleman.  He is very tolerant, etc.)
  • A good example of how our own actions condemn us is the one found in Matthew 26:30-35 and 59-75.   Read it as a class.



WB01512_2.gif (115 bytes)  #3 ~ Group activity ~ Sing a Song of Tolerance:  Write words for a song about God's tolerance.   Choice of tunes ~ Jesus Loves Me,  This Little Light of Mine, or Silent Night.