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Race for Riches
Teacher Guide ~ Day A2
Tolerance is a stepping stone to respect and acceptance

Spiritual Focus:

The teachings of Jesus instruct us to love each other.   This includes tolerance of people who don't believe as we do.

Students will research what the Bible says about polygamy.

Memory Verse: 
Revelation 3:20

Hymns:  #306 Draw Me Nearer and #500 Take Time to Be Holy


Portugal Sets the Race Pace ~ A learning game for students to do in groups of three or four.

Teacher Directions & Answers for Race Pace


Class Explorations:  Religious tolerance
  • Many reformers taught that Christian doctrine should come straight from the Bible.  This was in contrast with the traditions of the Roman Church.
  • Is infant baptism Biblical?  (no) Is there a Scripture text authorizing baptizing babies or small children? (No, there is no record of such a thing.  "Whosoever believes" should be baptized.   A person should be old enough to know what they believe.)
  • Some people began to realize the fact that infant baptism is not Biblical.  A group of them developed, and they called themselves the Anabaptists.  This group believed that people should not be baptized until they were old enough to understand what Christ's death meant.  As their belief spread across Europe, there grew several different varieties of Anabaptists.   Some Anabaptists were fanatical and some were moderate.
  • A fanatical Anabaptist group in Munster taught that the Bible millennium would soon appear.  To be ready, they tried to set up God's kingdom on earth.  To do this they did some very unbiblical deeds.  They began to kill people they considered ungodly and took over the city. 

Do you think that killing people who don't believe like you is a Biblical principal?

  • The Children of Israel did it all the time.  Why?

             Read Deuteronomy 7:1-11.

  • What did Jesus and Bible writers say about how we should treat people?
  • Assign texts to students to read these texts aloud:
    • Matthew 5:11
    • Matthew 5:21-22
    • Matthew 5:38-39
    • Matthew 5:43-45
    • John 13:34
    • Romans 13:10
    • Galatians 6:1-2
    • 1 John 3:11-15 
  • To complete the story of the extreme Anabaptist group that took over the city of Munster, the city was surrounded by enemies of the Anabaptist group.   They laid siege on the city for more than a year before it fell.  This was followed by a horrible massacre which spread to the whole territory of Anabaptists--even though the other Anabaptists had nothing to do with the extremist group in Munster.  Many Anabaptists were drowned because people considered it to be a fitting punishment for "baptizers."
  • A famous writer once said, "Our inhumanity to man is our worst sin."

Summary:  The Bible principle for treatment of people who might believe differently than we do is:
                 Love and tolerance.


Further research:  The leader of the extreme Anabaptist group in Munster taught that polygamy was to be the law of the kingdom of God.  Is polygamy Biblical?

Groups:  Polygamy and the Bible

(Please note that there is NO Bible verse that suggests men should have more than one wife.  Students should research and come to this conclusion.)

QUESTION:  So why did Bible heroes practice polygamy?  Mrs. White suggests that God "tolerated" it, but it was not His design.  It was the practice of the heathens around them and part of the culture of their time.  However, each of the  families of Abraham, Jacob, Esau, David, and Solomon suffered greatly because of it.