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Race for Riches
Teacher Guide ~ Day A1
Tolerance is a stepping stone to respect and acceptance


Freedom of religion is a Bible principle as well as a privilege of living in America.

Portugal was the first European country to seek new waterways to the East.

Memory Verse: 
Revelation 3:20

Hymns:  #306 Draw Me Nearer and #500 Take Time to Be Holy


  • Explorers Portfolio - Portugal.   Students begin a scrapbook of explorers.  (Use Student Weblinks and other references for research)

WB01512_1.gif (115 bytes) Teacher Directions:

The Explorer Portfolio will be a scrapbook type of information about explorers.  Each student creates a scrapbook of their own.

Use page-protector sleeves.  Pages can be put in a 3-ring notebook or a colored 3-ring paper folder.  (You can make these booklets ahead of time and let the students slip their work inside the page-protector sleeves.)

Students can add to this scrapbook throughout the year.  Add important people and events.


Class Explorations and Discussions:  Is Freedom of Religion Important?

NEEDED:   U. S. History books with the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment listed.   OR  Copies of the First Amendment for student use.

Groups:  Do you think that freedom of religion is important?    Why or why not?  (2 minutes)

  • Report and share.

Did people in Europe during the Middle Ages have freedom of religion?    (not really)

When the Reformers like Martin Luther helped to establish a number of new Christian churches, they were exercising their right to freedom of religion.

Groups:  How does the First amendment to the United States Constitution guarantee freedom of religion?    (3-4 minutes for students to read the First Amendment and make observations.)   (It prohibits the government from making  an official religion and allows people to practice the religion of their choice or none at all.)

  • Report and share.

Groups:  How would you be personally affected if the right to freedom of religion were taken away?

  • Report and share.

Groups:   Freedom of religion is a Biblical principle.   Find Bible texts or incidents that would show freedom of religion is a God thing.   (5 minutes)  Below are listed a few basic ideas:

Joshua 24:15  "Choose you this day whom you will serve....
Rev. 3:20-21   "Behold, I stand at the door and knock...
John 3:16  "Whosoever believes..."
The fact that God did not destroy Satan when he first sinned.
The fact that God does not force us to love Him.

  • Report and share.


  Groups will use the ideas from class as a basis for making posters or mobile to illustrate Freedom of Religion.