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Globetrotter Year Two 
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Units of Study 

Medieval Times
Renaissance & Reformation
Race for Riches
Divine Right of Kings
Rights & Revolutions
Industrial Revolution
Japan and Russia
The World in Conflict

A Changing World
My Country (creative unit)

Using the Prentice Hall World Studies textbooks



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I am the Lord,
and there is
no other; 
There is no God besides Me. 
I will gird you,
though you have
not known Me. 

Isaiah 45:5

Literature Units

Door in the Wall*
The Sword of Denis Anwyck
    (An online book)
Questions and Answers for
    The Sword of Denis Anwyck
Spy for the Night Riders * or Frau Luther *
War of the Invisibles
(A Single Shard* if haven't read before)
Gallaudet:  Friend of the Deaf *
Sigi's Fire Helmet *
Taught by a Tiger *  or Dr. Rabbit*
Hana's Suitcase * or To LInger is to Die *
 Number the Stars
The Breadwinner 

      * Pathways books

Also available:
A Voyage from Cambodia in 1975


Year 2 Overview
Parent Letter
Background Info
To Begin
Handwriting Assessment
Publish Standards
Art Standards
Theme Reading from the Arms Program


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