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  Medieval Times
   Teacher Guide ~ Unit 1

Overview A
Day A1        Day A2

Day A3        Day A4
Project A
~ Author's Circle

Overview B
Day B1        Day B2

Day B3        Day B4
Project B ~ Canterbury Tales

Overview C
Day C1        Day C2

Day C3-C4
Project C ~ Knighting
Jousting Questions   Key

Overview D
Day D1        Day D2

Day D3        Day D4
Project D
~ Castle Battle

Unit Assessment  KEY

Student Web Links

Time:  4 weeks      
Theme:  Having Knowledge is Having Light in Darkness
Summary of Topics:  
  • Observe a monastery, experience serfdom, earn the right to be a knight, and build a castle. 
  • The religious darkness of the times.
  • How is a person saved?
  • Nouns

Week A ~ Write, publish, and share creative writing.   Experience Serfdom.
Week B ~ Groups work together as noble families to create a Family Portfolio to earn a fief.  (Use Destiny Cards and Farthings from Day B2 to the end of the unit.)
Week C ~ Do various requirements to earn knighthood.
Week D ~ Build castles and Bible research paper on being saved.

Bulletin Board Ideas: 
  • "Mind Your Manors"  with castle, shields, etc.  Can be a board to display student work.
  • "Medieval Times ~ Be a lord for a day and a serf for a lifetime."
  • "The Dark Ages ~ When the light of learning was almost snuffed out."
  • "Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light." Micah 7:8
WB01512_.gif (115 bytes) Supplies Needed:   (List continued on the back of this page)
  • Day A1 - Monastery Simulation
    • a little bell to signal prayer time
    • cracker snacks
    • disposable cups
    • a pitcher of cold water
    • napkins
    • a community box of skinny-to-medium markers for students to use on the illumination page
  • Day A2 - Large brown envelopes for group packets.
  • Day A4 - Masking tape.
  • Day B2 - Prepared statement by the teacher (Two truthful statements about personal past and one untruthful).
  • Day B3 - American flag, 100% grape juice and Wheat Thins or communion bread.
  • Day C1 - Special effects used by Lord or Lady Merryman.
  • Project C - Knighting:  Plastic sword (usually can be found in Halloween costumes area of stores) or cardboard knife covered with foil.  Bowl or basin, towel, throw pillow, (soap), (juice and cookies or crackers), (candles).
  • Project D - Castles:
    • A cardboard box (with sides no longer than 16")
    • 4 large plastic soda bottles or thin cardboard to roll into towers for each corner.
    • Knife or scissors and plenty of tape
    • Markers to mark stones on outside walls or gray spray paint to spray castle.
    • Four small flags made of bits of colored paper attached to four toothpicks