Globetrotter  Year One Overview ~ using World Studies by Pearson





Literature Units

Language Arts

2 weeks   Mystery - History

The Ancient World ch. 1

The beginning of sin

Survivors of the Dark Rebellion



Cleopatra VII



Shepherd Warrior*


The Bronze Bow



Homeless Bird



Journey to Jo'burg*
David Livingstone*

Interviewing Writing mystery Trash dig, mystery cooking, arch. dig
2 weeks


The Ancient World ch. 2

Flood - Abraham Inspecting sentences, Short report Travel brochure, simulating flood, clay tablets  
4 weeks Egypt

The Ancient World ch. 3

Joseph to Exodus Prepositions Fruity pharaohs, coffins, funeral
3 weeks Community Unity

Simulating unity and community

Moses, sanctuary Diary, nouns Survival simulation, team building, popsicle stick bridge
2 weeks Judges, Prophets & Kings

Study of laws in the U. S.

Judges thru kings of Israel Verbs Trading game, Hezekiah report
1 week Babylon

  Bible & The Ancient World ch. 2

Daniel Pronouns Case studies, Babylon research
2 weeks  


Book of Esther

Esther Adjectives Purim Festival, cooking
3 weeks Greece   

  The Ancient World ch. 6

Proverbs and Ecclesiastes Adverbs Mental marathon, Greek cooking & symposium
4 weeks Rome  

 The Ancient World ch. 7

Christ, early Christian church Direct Objects, Clauses Cooking, Roman banquet
2 weeks Arabia

Medieval Times to Today ch. 1

Islam compared to Bible docs Conjunctions Arabian games, food, poetry readings
3 weeks India

 The Ancient World ch. 4; Asia & the Pacific ch. 5

Hinduism, Buddhism Descriptive writing Indian foods and presentations
2 weeks China

The Ancient World ch. 5

Story of Job Postcards and Travel diary As Smooth as Silk
2-4 weeks Africa

Africa; Medieval Times to Today ch. 2

Bible Docs,  Psalms, Proverbs Story telling Writing Proverbs, Story Festival

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