A Classroom Timeline

A timeline that covers earth's history from creation to the 1st crusade would serve as a visual graphic to aid students in understanding the sequence of events and space between events, etc.

Make a quick attractive timeline: 

Plan on a minimum of 6 yards. (This measurement would make each yard symbolize 1000 years and span 4000 B. C. to A. D. 2000.)  The line itself could be made from a roll of adding machine tape; wide, colored, gift ribbon; or that velvety, Christmas ribbon that you find at craft stores in 25 yard rolls for about $5.00.  Sticking it to the wall with small pieces of sticky Velcro should make it last for months and make it quite easy to remove.

Begin the year with these dates.  (The Bible events are from the SDA Bible Commentary, Vol. 1, pages 174-195.) 

magnify.wmf (6262 bytes)