To Begin
amconfus.wmf (1494 bytes)Scheduling  This curriculum correlation is designed to be used in a two hour block of time, Monday through Thursday, either in the morning or afternoon.   Friday's block should be a minimum of one hour (plus clean up time) for the weekly project and thirty minutes for the weekly review.

The two hour blocks satisfy the time requirements for Bible, social studies, and language arts in most conferences.  Friday's hour satisfies the weekly art time required, even though art assignments are also integrated throughout the week's activities.


Two hour blocks, Monday through Thursday: 

  • Bible - Approximately 30 minutes in teacher-student class interaction.
  • Students learn memory verse and finish Bible assignment--if there is one.
  • Social studies (self-directed with teacher as manager)
  • Language arts - may be writing project, grammar, etc.clock.wmf (10550 bytes)

Friday Projects = approximately one hour + clean-up time

Friday review activity = approximately 30 minutes

Adjusting the Assignments

Remember the span of abilities between 5th and 8th grades.  The eighth grade students have had more years of practice in reading, writing, and answering questions.  Fifth grade students are taking that quantum leap between grades four and five.  Possible adjustments for fifth graders and the lower ability students:

  • Work in 5th grade groups or partners and work together.
  • Pair up a lower ability student with a higher ability student.
  • Shorten the assignment as needed for 5th-6th grade students.
  • Divide up the assignment between several students.  Each one will do their part and then share it with the rest.  Students will be responsible for knowing all of the material in the end, but the work is divided.
Assessment rubrics are designed to help you and the students in evaluating their work. amhappy.wmf (1718 bytes) Use them in a variety of ways:  
  • You evaluate student work alone.
  • You and the student evaluate the work together.
  • Groups evaluate and the scores are averaged.
  • Peer evaluation with recommendations and commendations.
Cooperative Grouping:  Many activities in the Globetrotter correlation lend themselves to cooperative groups.  If you use them, ASSIGN students to groups of three or four--no more.  The rotating roles of group members are:   Group Recorder, Group Reporter, Computer Operator (and  Group Encourager/Leader if there is a fourth person).  Roles can be rotated every week or every three to four days.