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Text:  World Studies by Pearson







Imagine a learning environment where the learning is student centered and one subject flows into another.   23.gif (908 bytes)Imagine a learning environment where computer  technology is used as  chalk--a tool for learning-- where a single click can transport students to other times and places   The Globetrotter is designed with this approach in mind.

The Globetrotter is a resource to help transform your classroom into the dynamic learning environment you wish it to be.



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BD14868_.GIF (419 bytes) Survivors of the Dark Rebellion
BD14868_.GIF (419 bytes) Cleopatra VII
BD14868_.GIF (419 bytes) Shepherd Warrior*
BD14868_.GIF (419 bytes) The Bronze Bow
BD14868_.GIF (419 bytes) A Single Shard*
BD14868_.GIF (419 bytes) Homeless Bird
BD14868_.GIF (419 bytes) Journey to Jo'burg* or David Livingston*
*Pathway books

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BD14868_.GIF (419 bytes) Spelling Program

BD14868_.GIF (419 bytes) Art Standards

BD14868_.GIF (419 bytes) Publishing Standards

BD14868_.GIF (419 bytes) Group Evaluations

BD14868_.GIF (419 bytes) List of Memory Verses

BD14868_.GIF (419 bytes) Year Overview

BD14868_.GIF (419 bytes) Keyboarding lessons


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