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                      Teacher Guide ~ Unit 7

Overview A
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Project A  

Overview B
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Project B  

Purim Celebration

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Time:  2 weeks         Theme:  Standing Tall for God


  • Medo-Persia in power and prophecy. 
  • The unit begins as the Babylonian Empire ends and the Medo-Persians take over.  The Bible stories of Daniel in the lions' den and Esther are studied, plus the restoration of Jerusalem with Ezra at the end of the 70 years captivity, as ordered by Cyrus the Mede.
  • Adjectives in writing.


  • Students research and prepare small daily newspapers about important people and events of ancient Medo-Persia.  These daily newspapers can be done by groups small enough for everyone to help.  The finished newspapers could be assembled into booklet form to save for posterity.
  • Easy to make candy recipes are included for possible Purim celebrations or Christmas gifts. 
Bulletin Board Ideas:
  • "The Lord reigns, let the nations tremble."  Psalm 99:1
  • "The Lord is my light and my salvation--whom shall I fear?" 
    Psalm 27:1
WB01512_.gif (115 bytes) Supplies Needed:  
  • Newspapers for examples that students can look at while preparing their own newspaper.
  • Almond bark and other candy making ingredients for Project B.  Four recipes are given that do not involve any baking.  Three recipes use the microwave and one uses the stove.
  • If you choose to have groggers in your Purim celebration, you will need empty plastic soda/water bottles--one per student--and noise makers to put inside them.  See Day B4.

NOTE TO TEACHERS:   The materials in this unit do not include information from your textbook.  Guide your students in researching what the text has to say about the kingdom of the Medes and the Persians.