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Teacher Guide ~ Unit 2

Poems for Unit
(assign one or more for memorization)

Day 1          Day 2

Day 3-4    

Project 1 Edible   
Project 1 Inedible

Day 5 
Day 6          Day 7

Project 2  

Validation of Learning 

Time:  7 days (to compensate for Labor Day)
Theme:  Leadership  (Which way are you leading?)
  • Cain and Abel, Flood and Abraham (around 2000 B. C.)
  • Hammurabi (about 1800 B. C.)
  • Life in the ancient city of UR
  • Short flood research about the flood
  • Project 1 ~ Simulating the earth's flood
  • Groups create travel brochure of Ur
  • Project 2 ~ Making clay tablets and cylinder seals
Bulletin Board Ideas:
  • It isn't the mountains that trip people up, but the molehills.
  • He who cannot obey, cannot command.  Ben Franklin
  • Work hard and become a leader.  Proverbs 12:24
WB01512_.gif (115 bytes) Supplies Needed:
  • Day 1 - Poster board for each group to display their definition of sin and USA Today or other large newspaper for "Acting Out Your Feelings"
  • Days 3-4 - Copies of flood chapters from Patriarch and Prophets for student research
  • Project #1 - choice of two says students can demonstrate flood upheaval and earth changes:
    • Edible: 
      • Oreo cookies or vanilla wafers
      • Whipped topping
      • Instant pudding of choice and milk
      • M & M's or other small colored candy
      • Plastic containers with lids (gallon ice cream tubs are OK)
    • Nonedible:
      • Sand, dark dirt, small gravel, glitter, bits of Styrofoam packing pieces, fake jewels, sequins, plastic containers with lids (gallon ice cream tubs are OK)