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Mystery - History

Teacher Guide ~ Unit 1

Poems for Unit
(assign one or more for memorization)


Overview A
Day A1          Day A2

Day A3          Day A4
Project A   

Review A        KEY

Overview B
Day B1          Day B2

Day B3          Day B4
Project B 

Review B        KEY
Validation of Learning B

Time:  2 weeks                                              Year Overview
Theme:  Loyalty
  • Lucifer's rebellion in heaven ~ Mysteries of Sin and Peer Pressure
  • Genesis chapters one through three
  • The basics of geography and world regions
  • What gives clues to the mysteries of history?
  • GeoMysteries - a geography game played like Twenty Questions
  • Interviewing a person over the age of fifty and writing summary
  • Writing a short mystery
  • Trash Dig
  • Project A ~ Mystery Cooking in a Bag (baking bread)
  • Project B ~ Archeology Dig
Bulletin Board Ideas:
  • Life has many choices.  Eternity has two.
  • Your future is a mystery, but it influenced by the decisions you make today.
  • From the pit of sin our God looks mysterious.
  • Be loyal to God and He will give you a crown of life.   (Revelation 2:10)
WB01512_.gif (115 bytes) Supplies Needed:
  • Day A4 ~ Bags of "clean" trash for investigation.  Put 20 or more trashy type of items in the bag--like empty boxes, trash mail, labels from clothing, magazines, and non-messy food containers.  (Have someone with a baby or small child save packages from a few baby-type of items.)
  • Project A ~ Mystery Cooking ingredients for bread and gallon-sized zip lock bags for mixing.
  • After interviews ~ Thank you notes for students to write to the person they interviewed.
  • Day B3 ~ Strong's Bible Concordances (or equivalent) and a fresh green leaf from a tree or a plant.
  • Project B ~ Buried articles in hardened dirt in containers for archeology dig.  Also small tools to dig with--nut picks, screw drivers, etc.