Wars that Touched America  End of Year Review ~ Year 4

Directions:   Cut apart cards and arrange them in chronological order.  Find the ACTIONS THAT LED TO WAR page and cut apart those cards.  Match the wars with the actions that led to each war. War of 1812                     (2)
Fought where: Eastern and Central North America Gulf Coast, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

Sides: Britain (Native Americans) and U.S.

Winner: U.S.

Cold War                         (9)
Fought where: (No actual battles)

Sides: U.S. and Soviet Union

Winner: U.S.

War Against Terrorism (11)
Fought where: Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Horn of Africa, U.S. Europe

Sides: Islamic Terrorist and U.S.

Winner: To be determined

Civil War                          (3)
Fought where: United States

Sides: North (Union) and South (Confederate)

Winner: North (Union)

Korean War                    (7)
Fought where: Korea

Sides: North Korea and South Korea

Winner: Truce

Spanish-American War    (4)
Fought where: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippine Islands, Guam

Sides: Spain and U.S.

Winner: U.S.

World War II                   (6)
Fought where: Europe, Pacific, Atlantic, South-East Asia, China Middle East, Mediterranean, and Africa

Sides: Allies and Axis Powers

Winner: Allies

World War I                      (5)
Fought where: Europe, Africa, Middle East

Sides: Allies and Axis Powers

Winner: Allies

Vietnam War                   (8)
Fought where: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos

Sides: North Vietnam and South Vietnam

Winner: North Vietnam

Revolutionary War           (1)
Fought where: Parts of Canada, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar, Balearic Islands, Caribbean Sea, Central America, Indian Ocean

Sides: Kingdom of Great Britain and 13 Colonies of North America

Winner: Territorial Changes

Persian Gulf War          (10)
Fought where: Kuwait and surrounding Area

Sides: Iraq and U.S. (Allies)

Winner: U.S.

   Actions that Led to War

Directions:  Cut apart Wars that Touched America cards and arrange them in chronological order.  Cut apart these ACTIONS THAT LED TO WAR cards and   match the wars with the actions that led to each war. Planes were flown into World Trade Center and Pentagon War on Terror.
British citizens were being taxed without representation in Parliament
Revolutionary War
U. S. sailors were stolen from U. S. ships and impressed into service for Great Britain War of 1812
Communist North Korea invaded South Korea
Korean War
Germany gained control of other European countries.  German U-boats sank 8 American ships WW I
Southern states seceded from U. S. over the slavery issue Civil War Nazi Germany grabbed nearby European countries and Japan bombed U. S. military ships and men at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii WW II
Communist North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam
Vietnam War


Tension grew between communist and non-communist countries.  An arms race developed
Cold War
Iraq invaded the oil-rich country of Kuwait
Persian Gulf War


The people of Cuba began a revolt against Spain, their colonist government
Spanish American War



Jeopardy of People

Females Leaders Presidents Firsts
100 ~ Susan B. Anthony

Female leader in movement for women's right to vote

100 ~ Andrew Carnegie

Developed the steel industry

100 ~ Gerald Ford

Was vice president and president without running for either office

100 ~ Thomas Edison

Invented record player, light bulbs, and movies

200 ~ Clara Barton

Nurse for Union during Civil War.   Later founded the American Red Cross

200 ~ Upton Sinclair

Write whose novel The Jungle exposed unsafe practices in meat packing industry

200 ~ Bill Clinton

A president during your lifetime that was impeached but not removed from office

200 ~ Alexander Graham Bell

Invented telephone

300 ~ Ruby Bridges

1st African American to attend a white school after desegregation in the 50s

300 ~ John D. Rockefeller

Developed a monopoly of the oil industry with the Standard Oil Co.

300 ~ George Bush

41st President who led the US in Persian Gulf War

300 ~ Elijah McCoy

Invented the oil cup that oiled machines while they were running

400 ~ Mary Harris Jones

Female leader against child labor

400 ~ Stonewall Jackson

Confederate general who won victories at both battles of Bull Run

400 ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Led Rough Riders in Spanish American War and later became president

400 ~ Thurgood Marshall

1st black Supreme Court justice.  He had been a Civil Rights lawyer

500 ~ Amelia Earhart

1st woman to fly across the Atlantic

500 ~ Andrew Jackson

General who defeated the British at Battle of New Orleans.  His nickname was Old Hickory

500 ~ Ronald Reagan

40th president--was a former actor.   Led in Star Wars buildup of arms to overthrow communism

500 ~ Charles Lindbergh

1st to fly solo nonstop across Atlantic

600 ~ Helen Hunt Jackson

Writer who criticized treatment of Native Americans in late 1800s

600 ~ Adolf Hitler

Nazi dictator of Germany who engineered the Holocaust

600 ~ Gerald Ford

Pardoned Richard Nixon from crimes of Watergate scandal

600 ~ Neil Armstrong

1st person to set foot on the moon

700 ~ Jane Addams

Opened Hull House to help immigrants

700 ~ General McArthur

U. S. general during both the Korean War and WW II

700 ~ Herbert Hoover

President during stock market crash, didn't involve the government with much of economic recovery

700 ~ Henry Ford

Automaker who introduced assembly line mass production to auto industry


Jeopardy of People

page 2
Females Leaders Presidents


800 ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Active 1st Lady who traveled for her husband and helped deal with the Great Depression

800 ~ WEB Du Bois

Founder of the NAACP


800 ~ Harry Truman

Became president after FDR died at end of WW II


800 ~ Richard Nixon

1st president to resign from office


900 ~ Rosa Parks

Refused to give up her seat on a public bus for a white person

900 ~ Mussolini

Italian dictator who joined the Axis powers in WW II

900 ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt  Led US during WW II after helping America recover from the Great Depression with his New Deal programs 900 ~ Martin Luther King Jr.  Civil Rights leader who led in     Spoke at the 1st large civil rights protest meeting in Washington, D. C.
1000 ~ Sandra Day O'Connor

1st woman to serve on Supreme Court

1000 ~ Thurgood Marshall

Civil Rights lawyer who helped end segregation in public schools

1000 ~ Abraham Lincoln

Led US during Civil War

1000 ~ Winston Churchill  1st to call the imaginary line separating European communist and noncommunist countries the "iron curtain"
1100 ~ Ida Tarbell

Muckraker who described unfair business practices of the Standard Oil Co.

1100 ~ Cesar Chavez

Founder of the Union of Farm Workers labor union

1100 ~ John F. Kennedy

35th president--during Cuban Missile Crisis. Youngest president elected

1100 ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

The first president to serve in a wheelchair

1200 ~ Harriet Tubman

Underground Railroad conductor who helped hundreds of African Americans escape to freedom

1200 ~ Ulysses S. Grant

Union commander during Civil War and 18th President of the United States

1200 ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

Supreme Allied Commander during WW II and 34th president

1200 ~ Lincoln

The first president who was assassinated while in office

1300 ~ Sojourner Truth

Abolitionist who escaped from slavery and spoke out for women's rights


1300 ~ Robert E. Lee

Commander of the Confederate Army during Civil War who surrendered to Grant at Appomattox


1300 ~ Harry Truman

President from Missouri   who led U.S. in Korean War


1300 ~ Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy
Name two presidents that were assassinated while in office



People Possibilities

John F. Kennedy Abraham Lincoln Charles Lindbergh Thurgood Marshall
Harry S. Truman Ruby Bridges Woodrow Wilson Ida Wells-Barnett
Mary Harris Jones Stonewall Jackson Thomas Edison Andrew Jackson
Herbert Hoover Adolf Hitler Benito Mussolini Amelia Earhart
Dwight D. Eisenhower Theodore Roosevelt WEB Dubois Sojourner Truth
Helen Hunt Jackson Harriet Tubman Andrew Carnegie Alexander Graham Bell
Jane Addams Elijah McCoy Rosa Parks John D. Rockefeller
Wright brothers General MacArthur Ida Tarbell Eleanor Roosevelt
Ronald Regan Winston Churchill Richard Nixon George Meade
William McKinley Sandra Day O'Connor Upton Sinclair Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harriet Tubman George Bush Clara Barton Cesar Chavez
Bill Clinton Susan B. Anthony Neil Armstrong Ulysses S. Grant
Henry Ford Robert E. Lee Gerald Ford John F. Kennedy
Martin Luther King Jr.