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As the World Turns
Teacher Guide ~ Day D4

The future begins today.

Spiritual Focus:

The controversy between Christ and Satan continues even though Satan bows to acknowledge Christ's supremacy.   It finally ends when the wicked are destroyed and sin is no more.

Memory Verse: 
    Psalm 91:9-11                    

Hymn:   #216 When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder and #248 O, How I Love Jesus

Student Activities:


(Needed:   Readers on Stage:  The Controversy Ended)

Class Explorations and Discussions:  The Controversy Ended

Read Psalms chapter 91 (these promises are full of hope for dark times).

Review the closing scenes of this earth's history:

  • Satan impersonating Christ's coming.  He will announce that the day of worship was changed from Saturday to Sunday. 
  • Sabbath keepers will be kept in God's providence as it becomes against the law to keep Saturday holy.
  • The seven last plagues begin to fall.
  • Date is set to kill all Sabbath keepers.
  • Christ comes and takes those who love Him to heaven.  1st resurrection.
  • Satan is bound to this earth for a thousand years because there is no one to tempt.  Those in heaven will look at heaven's records and be satisfied that God is just and fair.
  • 2nd resurrection--when those who have chosen to honor themselves instead of God are brought back to life.

Readers on Stage:  The Controversy Ended