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As the World Turns
Teacher Guide ~ Day D2

The future begins today.

Spiritual Focus:

A time of tribulation is coming for God's faithful people.  God is kind enough to warn us of it and give us great hope for endurance and victory.

Memory Verse: 
    Psalm 91:9-11                    

Hymn:   #216 When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder and #248 O, How I Love Jesus

Student Activities:

Class Explorations and Discussions:  Trouble and Triumph

Read Revelation 1:3 - 7. 

Notice that those who killed Jesus will see Him come?  How will that happen?

The Readers on Stage:  Trouble and Triumph is a continuation of yesterday's Readers on Stage:  The Biggest Lie.  It is also taken from the book The Great Controversy by Ellen White. 

(This is a nine-page account of the coming time of trouble and 2nd coming of Jesus.  Instead of identifying parts, assign each of your students a number, beginning with #1.  They will then read the parts which are multiples of their assigned number.  Example:  #6 will read every part that is a multiple of six--or every sixth part.

This Readers on Stage: Trouble and Triumph might prove valuable for a future church service which the students conduct.)