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As the World Turns
Teacher Guide ~ Day D1

The future begins today.

Spiritual Focus:

Satan will pull off a big charade just before Jesus comes.  He will impersonate the coming of Jesus and then announce that the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday.

Memory Verse: 
    Ps. 91:9-11                    

Hymn:   #216 When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder and #248 O, How I Love Jesus

Student Activities:


Class Explorations and Discussions:  The Last Great Deception

Question:  Do you like being lied to?  How do you feel when it happens?

A big lie is coming.  Jesus gives us advance warning. 

  • Read Matthew 24:3 - 5
  • Read Matthew 24:23 - 27

Ellen White wrote a book about the war Satan is waging against Jesus.  It is called The Great Controversy.  "Readers on Stage: The Biggest Lie" is taken from that book. 

Readers on Stage:  The Biggest Lie

Read Matthew 24:42 - 44

Introduce memory verse:  Psalm 91:9-11

PRAYER  (Students pray for each other in groups of two)