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As the World Turns
Teacher Guide ~ Day B2

"Prayer is the key, in the hand of faith, that unlocks heaven's storehouse." 
Ellen White

Spiritual Focus:

Paul encouraged the people of Philippi to not complain and fight, but to have bowels of mercy.

Memory Verse: 
  Philippians 4:6 - 7

Hymn:   #478 Sweet Hour of Prayer  and #483  I Need Thee Every Hour

Student Activities:


Class Explorations and Discussions:  Guts of Mercy

Read Philippians 2:1

What are "bowels of mercy?"
Bowels are your guts. 
Read Acts 1:18

So what are "guts of mercy?"
Mercy is something that animals do not have.  God has mercy and people can have mercy, but animals cannot.

Read Mark 9:17 - 24. 

The father asked Jesus to have compassion on him and his son.  This is the same as having "guts of mercy."

Read Mark 9:25 - 29.

Jesus did have "guts of mercy" and healed the boy.  And why couldn't the disciples heal him?  Read verse 34:  Because they had been fighting among themselves as to who was going to be vice-president in Jesus' new government when He declared Himself king.

Read Philippians 2:2 - 3. 

You can't be full of compassion and be fighting at the same time.  The spirit of fighting is the opposite of "guts of mercy."

Read Philippians 2:4 -15.

From "guts of mercy" comes compassion.  If you are compassionate you won't be griping and fighting.  You won't be arguing and complaining.

Read verse 15 again.  This won't happen until we stop thinking about ourselves and being selfish. 


Read Psalm 37:1 - 27 as a voice choir.  (Divide students into three groups.  Each group read a verse at a time.)