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Validation of Learning - Week C

Name ______________

Bible Matching:

1. ______  His preaching can be seen on TV.

2. ______  He is the pastor of the Crystal Cathedral.

3. ______  He is the president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

4. ______  He works for Amazing Facts.

5. ______  He works for It is Written.

6. ______  He is the senior pastor of the Lakeside Church in Houston.

7. ______  His television show is seen by more people than any other televised church service.

8. ______  He is a preacher of a large "mega-church."

9. ______  He used to live in a cave.

10. _____  He used to live in Canada.

11. _____  He has preached about Jesus to over 210 million people.

A. Robert Schuller

B. Doug Batchelor

C. Rick Warren

D. Joel Olsteen

E. Billy Graham

F. Shawn Boonstra

G. Jan Paulson


1. Write your memory verse, Psalm 37:3-4:



2.  List five things that you suggest be done in the Children's Church service you planned:






3.  What might be the purpose of having a children's church?


4.  List four facts you learned about Adventist Frontier Missions:






Quotations:  Rewrite these sentences correctly.

1.   I don't want to do the dishes she shouted.


2.  Dad casually asked do you want me to help you.


3.  Mom mentioned I think you will want your allowance tomorrow.


Social Studies:

Number these locations in the United States in order from east to west:

______  Los Angeles

______  New York City

______  Denver

______  Kansas City

______  Las Vegas


______  Chicago

______  St. Louis

______  Boston

______  Phoenix

______  South Dakota


______  Wyoming

______  Lincoln, NE

______  Maine

______  Oregon

______  Indiana


Circle the country or city that would be closest:
4.  Which would be closest to the Philippines?

     Singapore, Malaysia

     St. Petersburg, Russia

     Sydney, Australia

5.  Which would be closest to Oslo, Norway?

      Cairo, Egypt

      Vienna, Austria

      Anchorage, Alaska

6.  Which would be closest to the country of Spain?

     Hong Kong, China

     St. Petersburg, Russia

     Cape Town, South Africa

7.  Which would be closest to Seoul, South Korea?

     Bombay, India

     Tokyo, Japan

     Helsinki, Finland