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Poems - As the World Turns

Unit 9                                 Student ________________

Pebble in the Water


by James W. Foley

from McGuffey's Reader

Drop a pebble in the water, The fisher who draws in his net too soon,
   just a splash, and it is gone;    Won't have any fish to sell;
But there's half a hundred ripples The child who shuts up his book too soon,
   circling on and on and on.    Won't learn any lessons well.
Drop an unkind word or careless word: If you would have your learning stay,
   in a minute it is gone;    Be patient--don't learn too fast;
But there's half a hundred ripples The man who travels a mile each day,
   circling on and on and on.    May get round the world at last.
They keep spreading, spreading, spreading

Meeting Our Guardian Angel

   from the center as they go,

by Ellen White (Education, page 305)

There is no way to stop them, Every redeemed one will understand
   once you've begun the flow.    the ministry of angels in his own life.
The angel who was his guardian
Drop a word of cheer and kindness:    from his earliest moment;
   just a flash and it is gone; The angel who watched his steps,
But there's half a hundred ripples    and covered his head
   circling on and on and on.    in the day of peril;
The angel who was with him in the
Bearing hope and joy and comfort    valley of the shadow of death,
   on each splashing, dashing wave,    who marked his resting place,
Till you won't believe the volume Who was the first to greet him
   of the one kind word you gave.    in the resurrection morning.