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Patriotism & Prosperity

Teacher Guide ~ Unit 7


Overview A
Day A1          Day A2

Day A3          Day A4
Project A   Review A  KEY
Validation of Learning A  KEY
Overview B

Day B1          Day B2

Day B3          Day B4
Special Project (an interview with a veteran or person who lived during the war)

Overview C
Day C1          Day C2

Day C3          Day C4
Review C  KEY
Validation of Learning C
End of Unit Finale

Time:  3 Weeks         Themes:  Loyalty
  • World War II
  • God's government
  • Contrast of love and hate
  • Summarizing
  • Comparing
  • Making a scrapbook of World War II.  (Suggestion:  Have someone who loves to do scrapbooking come in and demonstrate to students how to scrapbook creatively.)
  • Interviewing a veteran or someone who lived during WW II (Special Project at the end of Week B).  Students write a summary of the interview.
Bulletin Board Ideas and Proverbs:
  • An argument has two sides but no end.
  • God has no problems--only plans.  (Corrie ten Boom)
  • God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.
WB01512_.gif (115 bytes) Supplies Needed:
  • Scrapbooks - one per student; colored paper and other scrapbooking supplies.
  • Day A2--Pound of  M & M's or other candy/items
  • Thank you cards and maybe a gift for the veteran or person who came for the Special Project interview.
  • Possible snacks and food for the End of the Unit Finale.