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            Globetrotter Year Four  

Units for Year 4


Correlates a study of  the United States, beginning with the Civil War, with  Adventist history and the life of Apostle Paul     

  B16010.gif (685 bytes) Units of Study B16010.gif (685 bytes)

B16010.gif (685 bytes) Great Expectations
B16010.gif (685 bytes) A Nation Divided
B16010.gif (685 bytes) Reshaping the Nation
B16010.gif (685 bytes) This Land is My Land
B16010.gif (685 bytes) Freedoms & Frustrations
B16010.gif (685 bytes) The Depression
B16010.gif (685 bytes) Patriotism & Prosperity
B16010.gif (685 bytes) A Cry for Freedom
B16010.gif (685 bytes) As the World Turns
B16010.gif (685 bytes) My Life Today



United States - Adventures in Time and Place, Macmillan, 1997.

The Holy Bible - Use an easy to read translation. This year's Bible focus is on Paul's journeys and teachings and modern missionaries.

English texts are used as reference.

Literature books as listed.

Supplemental Materials

Historical and Christian Videos that may be used throughout the year.

Set of CD's about the Adventist Pioneers:  Pathways to the Pioneers.  Available through the Adventist Book Center or your Union Education Office.

American Nation - How history affects students today, Davidson, Castillo, Stoff, 2000.


B16010.gif (685 bytes)Literature UnitsB16010.gif (685 bytes)

Globetrotter units ~
B16010.gif (685 bytes) Brady (The Underground Railroad)
B16010.gif (685 bytes) Mr. Lincoln's Drummer (Civil War)
B16010.gif (685 bytes) Shades of Gray (Reconstruction)
B16010.gif (685 bytes) Fair Weather (1893 Chicago's World Fair)
B16010.gif (685 bytes) Voyage on the Great Titanic
B16010.gif (685 bytes) Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (Civil Rights)

Pathways books that correlate with this time period:
B16010.gif (685 bytes) Heartwarming Stories of Adventist Pioneers
B16010.gif (685 bytes) Amos Fortune: Free Man
B16010.gif (685 bytes) Sigi's Fire Helmet
B16010.gif (685 bytes) Taught by a Tiger
B16010.gif (685 bytes)Dr. Rabbit
B16010.gif (685 bytes) To Linger is to Die

Great Books that could be used in Lit Circles:
B16010.gif (685 bytes)Out of the Dust (The Depression)
B16010.gif (685 bytes)Weedflower (Japanese Internment)
B16010.gif (685 bytes)Crossing the Wire (Illegal Immigration)

Daily Oral Language
Graphic Organizers for reading mini-lessons.

List of authors for Literature Books
Using Literature Units   


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Year 4 Spelling Program
Art Standards

Publishing Standards
Handwriting in Grades 5-8     
Handwriting Assessment Guide
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Recipes for Crafts
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Student Weblinks Year 4

Display student work creatively 

SPECIAL SUPPLIES FOR YEAR 4.  (Add them to students' School Supply List)

IF your school does not have a digital camera, have students each bring 1 or 2 disposable cameras-- for use with the Civil War unit beginning with Week C. Pictures will be used in a personal scrapbook.

An acid-free scrapbook - 8 1/2 x 11 sized pages.  These can be purchased at Wal-Mart and craft stores for about $12. 
(For Units 2 & 7.  It can be called a War Scrapbook)

List of pages to use the The American Nation history book with Year 4.


Accompaniment for Hymns

Spreading the
Three Angels' Message

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