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The Days of My Life ~ Unit 10
Teacher Guide

A Hands-On Unit

Students write their autobiography and do one or more service projects

Choose projects that fit your students and classroom situation the best.



Time:  2 Weeks +         Theme:  Influence

Summary:  Students write their autobiography and do service projects.

Students can choose one or more projects (individually, in small groups, or as a class) that impacts life today.  Some examples:

  • A beautification project in the neighborhood.
  • Helping an older person with yard work or painting the garage, etc.
  • A fundraiser for a community charity (like the American Cancer Society).
  • A fundraiser for a religious organization like LaVida Mission or Your Story Hour.

Sun 025.wmf (4160 bytes)IDEA:  If you have access to adult help, the students might be divided into two groups and compete against each other ("Apprentice" style).  Each team could be given points for things like the number of persons who were contacted, the number of people who actually helped, and the total amount received, etc.

Points for beautification projects could be given for:

  • The biggest change.
  • The least amount of money needed.
  • The most amount of money raised to do the project right.
  • Before and After pictures.
  • Written summary of what was accomplished.

Have a judge or two help decide the winner.

Note ~ If it is impossible for you to tackle "off campus" projects, other classroom project possibilities are listed below:
  • Each student (or pair of students) research a missionary and prepare a display for the finale--Mission Museum.
  • Each student (or pair of students) research a modern religious group and prepare a display for the finale--Celebration of Churches.
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